Dragon Raku

Each vase is hand made on the potters wheal and then glazed with a rich raku glaze, i then cover with unstable glaze to create the textured finish, although most ceramicists would consider this finish a mistake, i like to show that even sometimes we make mistakes the results can be beautiful is the eyes of the beholder.
Ian Carty makes ceramics destined mainly for low temperature firing techniques, using glazes pushed to the edge ian revels in collaborations with forces that are never entirely under his control.
Everyone of Ian’s Dragons glaze pieces is a one of a kind work of art with enchanting surface texture, the technique Ian uses is often considered to be a glaze defect that should be avoided, but Ian has learned to use this so-called defect very effectively as an intentional decorative element, we should never seek perfection in a piece, just like life nothing is ever perfect, if everything was perfect we could never progress or change, it is our flaws and mistakes that make us stronger, instead we should appreciate the perfections in our quest for the perfect imperfection.

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